1. I have been comparing the quality of eggs available in Berlin. There is a huge difference between them. The lighter coloured ones are actually the class A organic ones, but the yolk is so weak and the white is watery. The one with darker yellow is not organic, but free range. It has a stronger yolk and tastes better.

  2. This is the first time seeing the new €10 note. Because of the better printing quality it makes me feel slightly richer. Only a perception.

  3. No words..

  4. Kolja Kleeberg of VAU restaurant has got a show coming up. I love his 90s style.

  5. The high light of the festival of lights in Berlin was the boys who went into the fountain in front of the Dom. Doing exactly what silly means and they know it. True bromance.

  6. Off shoot in Moscow. Mama Russia is my favourite spot at Sheremetyevo airport.

  7. Off shoot in Tokyo. It is rare to see a pink Mercedes, but this one goes further with bling lashes.

  8. Off shoot in Tokyo. Midnight sushi after a night out.

  9. Off shoot in Tokyo. Narukiyo is an amazing izakaya hidden between Shibuya and Omotesando.

  10. Off shoot in Tokyo. Invader in Ebisu.