1. Love is in the air.

  2. Vegetarian slow food cafe Till The Cows Come Home was a major failure. The service was slow due to a lack of staff. They got the order wrong. Their buratta was more like mozzarella in a shape of buratta (no juice inside). Ultately there was a piece of plastic in one of the dishes. Never again..

  3. Natto is fermented soy beans. Despite its smell it has many health benefits. It is often served in eastern side of Japan.

  4. Van Hoa Cafe

  5. This weekend the traffic was awful around Berlin. Stau is the word.

  6. I am impressed by the amount of ‘last’ Cookies can use. Didn’t they close like a month ago? Anyway, it ‘seems’ like this is the last one.

  7. Meierei in Prenzlauer Berg is a small cafe restaurant and serves good food in South German style.

  8. Potsdamer Platz after Germany vs. Brazil. I wonder what’s going to be like tonight.

  9. Panorama at Messe Berlin

  10. I finally had a chance to eat the award winning burger at District Mot. As an Asian, the taste was rather familiar, but I could see why it was awarded as the number one burger at the burger contest in Berlin two years in row. It reminded me of Chinese pork buns.